Subhedar Wins Hearts, Conquers Box Office with Excellent Opening Weekend

Director Digpal Lanjekar’s latest Marathi film, Subhedar, has become a crowd favorite and a box office success after a fantastic opening weekend. The film, presented by AA Films and Everest Entertainment, has managed to win the hearts of the audience and rake in impressive numbers at the box office.

Subhedar collected a total of ₹5.06 crore in its opening weekend, showcasing the immense popularity of the film among moviegoers. The film’s strong performance can be attributed to its captivating story, brilliant direction, and outstanding performances by the cast.

On Friday, the film earned ₹1.15 crore, setting a promising start for its successful run. The positive word of mouth and favorable reviews helped the film gain momentum on Saturday, with a collection of ₹1.69 crore. The upward trend continued on Sunday, with Subhedar earning ₹2.22 crore, solidifying its position as a box office hit.

With its exceptional performance in the opening weekend, Subhedar has not only won hearts but also conquered the box office. The film’s success stands as a testament to the talent and dedication of director Digpal Lanjekar and the entire team behind the project.

Movie enthusiasts and fans of Marathi cinema are urged not to miss the opportunity to watch Subhedar, a film that has captivated audiences and left them wanting for more.

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