Gadar 2 Sets record for the fastest 450 cr net at the Box Office

In a jaw-dropping achievement, #Gadar2 has set a new benchmark at the box office by becoming the fastest film to reach the 450 crore net collection mark. The film’s thunderous success has been evident from its staggering 16.10 crore net collection on its third Sunday. This highlights the film’s gripping appeal and its ability to captivate not only cities and metros but also the mass audience.

With a mind-boggling net total of 456.05 crores, #Gadar2 has achieved an unparalleled milestone in the industry. Its phenomenal growth surge of nearly 20% in its third weekend showcases the immense love and support from the audience.

The film’s success is a testament to its captivating story, exceptional performances, and remarkable direction. #Gadar2 continues to reign supreme at the box office, leaving a trail of records in its wake.

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