Stampede-like situation at AR Rahman concert sparks outrage

AR Rahman, the renowned composer, is facing criticism for his concert Marakkuma Nenjam, as reports of a stampede-like situation and disorganized management have sparked outrage among attendees. According to media reports, there have been instances of people being sent out from the concert, despite having passes, while many others were not allowed to enter, causing frustration among the audience. It was also observed that pass holders from different price categories were mixed without segregating them. In addition, the lack of proper parking facilities has been a major concern raised by concert-goers who traveled for hours to reach the event venue.

This is not the first time that the event organizer, Act Events, has come under heavy criticism. Earlier, the company faced backlash when the original concert, scheduled for August 12, had to be canceled due to adverse weather conditions. To pacify disappointed fans, the organizers rescheduled the concert for September 10 at the same venue. However, the sudden change in their ticket refund policy further incited anger and triggered an internet storm.

Fans of AR Rahman and concert-goers have expressed their disappointment and frustration with the management of the concert. The disorganized and chaotic situation has left many feeling let down and demanding answers from Act Events.

As news of the stampede-like situation spreads, it remains to be seen how AR Rahman and Act Events will address the concerns and dissatisfaction of the concert attendees.

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