Jawan Surpasses Pathaan: Shah Rukh Khan’s Latest Film Makes Rs. 500 Crores in Just Four Days

Jawan, the latest film starring Shah Rukh Khan, has taken the box office by storm by raking in a staggering Rs. 500 crores in just four days. The film has not only surpassed the previous record holder, Pathaan, but also achieved this milestone in a shorter time frame.

With an outstanding overseas weekend earning of USD 21.65 million and domestic earnings of Rs. 343 crores, Jawan has gained global earnings of a whopping Rs. 523 crores. It’s worth noting that Jawan accomplished the coveted Rs. 500 crores mark in just four days, while Pathaan took five days to achieve the same feat. In fact, Jawan’s four-day weekend earnings came very close to matching Pathaan’s five-day earnings.

Comparing the conventional weekend frame, which includes Thursday to Sunday in the Middle East and Friday to Sunday elsewhere, both films brought in USD 19 million. While the final figures are still awaited, Jawan may potentially surpass or slightly trail Pathaan. Regardless, it is undeniable that both films, starring the iconic Shah Rukh Khan, have firmly established themselves as the biggest Bollywood openers ever. The next closest contender, Padmaavat, earned a mere USD 11 million.

In most markets, Jawan is on par with Pathaan, apart from North America and the United Kingdom where it falls slightly short. However, Jawan has achieved the biggest first-weekend frame for Bollywood in the Middle East and Australia, along with record-breaking openings in markets like Singapore, France, and Sri Lanka. North America, the United Kingdom, Germany, and New Zealand come in as the second biggest openers, following Pathaan.

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