Superstar Rajinikanth Defends Gesture of Touching Yogi Adityanath’s Feet

Superstar Rajinikanth is no stranger to controversy, and his recent statement at Chennai Airport today has once again sparked a debate. Responding to the ongoing controversy surrounding his gesture of touching Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s feet, the actor defended his action by explaining his personal practice.

In his statement, Rajinikanth said, “Even if someone is younger than me, if they are a yogi or swami, it is my practice to fall on their feet to seek blessings.” This explanation comes amidst the widespread criticism and discussion surrounding the incident captured in a viral video.

The controversy initially erupted when Rajinikanth’s video of touching Yogi Adityanath’s feet went viral on social media. Many criticized the actor for his actions, citing his on-screen portrayals of advocating equality and discouraging the practice of feet touching. The contrasting scenes from his film “Kaala” were widely shared, leading to further scrutiny of Rajinikanth’s real-life actions.

However, his recent statement has added fuel to the ongoing debate. Some supporters of the actor applauded his devotion and explained that it is common for individuals to seek blessings from yogis and swamis, regardless of their age. They argue that Rajinikanth’s actions were in line with his personal beliefs and traditions.

Despite the defense, the controversy surrounding the incident continues to divide opinions. Critics question the appropriateness of Rajinikanth’s gesture, especially considering Yogi Adityanath’s controversial past and alleged involvement in hate crimes. They argue that the actor’s actions send the wrong message and should be held accountable for his choices.

The incident has shed light on the power of celebrity influence and the intense scrutiny public figures face in their personal lives. It has also fueled discussions about the line between an actor’s on-screen persona and their real-life actions. The controversy serves as a reminder that public figures are often subject to public scrutiny and the decisions they make can have significant implications.

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