Jawan sets new box office record with highest 3-day collection in Hindi

Jawan, the latest release in the Indian film industry, has turned out to be a monstrous hit at the box office. The action-packed movie, which combines elements of tsunami, hurricane, and typhoon, has captivated audiences since its release three days ago.

In a remarkable feat, Jawan has shattered all previous records for the highest 3-day collection in Hindi. The film collected a staggering ₹65.50 crore on Thursday, followed by ₹46.23 crore on Friday, and a whopping ₹68.72 crore on Saturday, bringing its total to an impressive ₹180.45 crore.

With such an impressive start, fans and critics are eagerly awaiting the fourth day, expecting the film to create even more history at the box office.

Jawan, directed by a renowned filmmaker Atlee, showcases gripping performances by an ensemble cast and boasts high-end visual effects. The film’s success can be attributed to its thrilling storyline and engaging screenplay, which has successfully resonated with the audience.

The film’s success is not limited to India alone, as it has caught the attention of international audiences as well. It has created a buzz on social media platforms, with fans praising the movie for its stellar action sequences and impactful dialogues.

Overall, Jawan’s phenomenal box office collection is a testament to the film’s massive popularity among the masses.

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