“Raththam” – A Lackluster Thriller that Falls Short of its Potential

Raththam offers an intriguing premise, following an investigative journalist as he uncovers a series of hate crimes with a sinister mastermind behind them. However, despite its promising storyline, the film fails to deliver on its potential.

Raththam Movie Plot Summary

The film revolves around Ranjith Kumar, a respected investigative journalist who returns to his job after a personal tragedy. When his friend, Chezhiyan, is murdered, Ranjith begins investigating and discovers a larger network behind the killings. As he delves deeper, he realizes that this criminal operation involves grooming potential killers through social media and psychological profiling. Will Ranjith be able to stop the mastermind before more lives are lost?

Ratham Movie Cast & Crew

While the script presents intelligent crimes that require a clever protagonist, the film’s execution falls flat. The performances lack the energy and depth needed to bring the characters to life. The protagonist, Ranjith, played by Vijay Antony, fails to inject the necessary charisma and intelligence, making the plot’s exciting ideas feel lackluster onscreen. The antagonist, portrayed as someone unexpected, lacks the menacing presence and fails to leave a lasting impact.

Raththam Music & Visuals Review

The film’s visual scheme, characterized by a dull blue tone, adds an artificial touch to the sets, resulting in a bland and uninteresting viewing experience. The visual scheme fails to complement the thrilling elements of the plot, leaving the scenes that should be larger-than-life feeling far-fetched. The music, although forgettable, manages to enhance a few moments, particularly during the verbal face-off between the protagonist and antagonist.

Raththam Movie Verdict

In the end, Raththam falls short of its potential. Despite its intriguing premise and a few memorable moments of tension, the overall execution lacks excitement. The bland tone of narration, dull visuals, and performances that fail to inject life into the writing contribute to a lackluster viewing experience. Raththam, unfortunately, fails to deliver on its promising setup, leaving audiences wanting for more.

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