#Leo to release in 30,000 theaters says Lalit Kumar and #Leo 3rd Single #Anbenum Song Update

In a recent Twitter Space session, the producer of the highly anticipated film “Leo“, S. S. Lalit Kumar, shared many exciting updates about the film.

Kumar revealed that the film crew worked hard for 41 days in Kashmir in minus degrees temperature. He also shared that Vijay acted as if there was a hyena among 1000 junior artists, without any fear.

The producer also confirmed that both he and Vijay have seen the film and are fully satisfied with it. He added that the suspense of whether “Leo” will be included in Lokesh’s “LCU” will be kept until the end of the film.

Kumar also shared that the background music work for the first half of the film is over and that Anirudh has put in some great music, as always. He added that the work for the second half has started and that all the work will be done by October 10th.

The producer also revealed that the film is planned to be released in 25000 – 30000 theaters worldwide. He also shared that they are applying to the government for permission for a 4 am show and that the update on this will be out this week.

Kumar also confirmed that there will be no premiere show for the film. However, he added that he is asking Vijay if he can do something for the fans before the release of the film.

Finally, Kumar revealed that “Leo” will also be released in Bangladesh.

The fans of Vijay and Lokesh Kanagaraj are eagerly awaiting the release of “Leo” on October 19th. With the producer sharing so many exciting updates about the film, the hype for the film is only going to grow.

#LEO Song ‘Anbenum‘ Title Song Music Anirudh Ravichander & Lothika, Lyrics Vishnu Edavan.

#LEO – Anbenum Lyric – Song

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