“Keri vaa Makkale… Naan inke thaan irukken” Jailer’s Kerala distributor issues a playful challenge to upcoming Onam releases

With an impressive box office collection nearing the 50 crore milestone, Jailer has achieved a significant feat for a non-Malayalam movie in the region.

Jailer’s success has compelled the film’s distributor, Gokulam Movies, to release a playful and intriguing poster that adds to the excitement surrounding the film. The captivating poster features the message, “Keri vaa Makkale… Naan inke thaan irukken” (Come on, folks… I’m still here), effectively challenging the upcoming Onam releases and emphasizing Jailer’s continued dominance at the box office.

As Jailer enters its third week and continues its remarkable run, it is poised to surpass the 50 crore mark, creating history for non-Malayalam cinema in Kerala.

The success of Jailer can be attributed to its intriguing storyline, impressive performances, and effective marketing by Gokulam Movies. The film has resonated with the audience, attracting moviegoers with its captivating narrative and compelling characters.

As Jailer’s record-breaking run defies expectations, the film’s distributor has created further buzz with the release of their playful poster. The challenge issued to the Onam releases adds an element of competition and excitement to the already thriving cinema scene in Kerala.

The industry is abuzz with anticipation as viewers eagerly await the upcoming Malayalam films, including King of Kotha, Ramachandra Bose & Co, and RDX. While these films are expected to captivate audiences and make their mark, the phenomenal success of Jailer serves as a reminder of the power of quality filmmaking regardless of language barriers.

With Jailer’s unprecedented success and the lively competition among Onam releases, the film industry in Kerala is poised for an unforgettable festive season. The excitement surrounding Jailer’s box office performance serves as a testament to the growing diversity and excellence in the state’s cinema landscape.

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