Allu Arjun Wins National Award, Mahesh Babu’s Old Tweet Resurfaces: What Could Have Been?

In a momentous achievement, Allu Arjun has become the first Telugu actor to win a National Film Award in the Best Actor category for his stellar performance in the movie “Pushpa : The Rise – Part One.” The film, directed by Sukumar, not only catapulted Allu Arjun to pan-India stardom but also secured his name in the annals of Indian cinema history. While numerous fans rejoiced in his victory, others couldn’t help but question his win.

Amidst this buzz, an old tweet from Mahesh Babu has resurfaced, leading to a surge in social media discussions. In 2019, Mahesh Babu took to Twitter to announce that his collaboration with director Sukumar for a film was not happening due to creative differences. He wished Sukumar well for his new project and expressed his respect for the filmmaker’s excellence. The tweet has now gone viral, with users pitying Mahesh Babu for missing out on “Pushpa.”

One Twitter user remarked, “Thats when Mahesh Babu missed #Pushpa,” highlighting the opportunities that Mahesh Babu might have lost by not being a part of the film. However, another user swiftly responded, stating, “Just because Mahesh Babu skipped Pushpa doesn’t mean he would have won. That category is for acting, not story selection or screenplay.” This comment emphasizes the belief that winning a National Film Award is solely based on acting prowess rather than film choices.

An entertainment page joined in the conversation, dramatically proclaiming, “Mahesh’s lifetime regret: Missing #Pushpa and Sukumar over ‘creative differences’ #NationalAwards2023.” This sentiment echoes the sentiment of disappointment among some fans who believe that Mahesh Babu may have missed out on an incredible opportunity.

On the other hand, loyal fans of Mahesh Babu defended the actor’s decision and eagerly await his upcoming project with SS Rajamouli, which is expected to be a global affair. One fan wrote, “Mahesh Babu will get what he deserves. Wait till #SSMB29. We may feel regret about some popular movie pages’ foolish behavior reflected in their tweets #MaheshBabu.” Another page responded, “Those who are trolling #MaheshBabu by quoting his old tweet, just remember how many wonders he is going to create with #SSMB29 #SSRajamouli,” highlighting the anticipation surrounding Mahesh Babu’s future endeavors.

While Mahesh Babu gears up for his highly anticipated collaboration with SS Rajamouli, Allu Arjun continues to be occupied with “Pushpa : The Rule – Part Two.” As the debate rages on, fans are left to ponder the what-ifs and imagine the alternate reality where Mahesh Babu took on the challenging role in “Pushpa.”

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