Divya Spandana Death Rumours Flood Social Media, Congress Leader Rubbishes

News of the death of actress turned politician Divya Spandana, popularly known as Ramya, spread like wildfire on social media. However, various news outlets have now debunked these rumours and revealed that the Congress leader is alive and currently on a tour in Geneva. As the news of Divya Spandana’s alleged demise began trending on X (formerly Twitter), concerned supporters scrambled to verify the tragic news.

Several journalists immediately dismissed the rumours and confirmed the inaccuracy. In a conversation with Divya Spandana herself, it was revealed that she was sleeping peacefully in Geneva when her phone started ringing incessantly. She was entirely oblivious to the false news circulating about her supposed death. Thiru. KT Lakshmi Kanthan, Chairman of Congress’ IT Cell, vehemently rejected the rumours, labeling them as entirely false. Furthermore, he clarified that Divya Spandana is in good health and alive.

Although the source of the death rumours remains unknown, some supporters speculate that the confusion arose due to the similarity in names between Dhanya Spandana and Vijay Raghavendra’s wife Spandana, who tragically passed away in Bangkok last month. This connection may have sparked the unfounded speculation.

Expressing her frustration, Actress Divya Spandana tweeted “What’s in a name ? A lot, Appearently”. Fans and wellwishers of the actress Ramya @ Divya Spanada have voiced out against the persons responsible for initiating the rumour and condemned the news organizations that reported it without verification.

Despite the clarification from reliable sources and the Congress leader herself, the false rumours continued to circulate on social media platforms. This incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers and consequences of spreading unverified information online

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