Director Atlee denies Vijay playing a cameo in Jawan, hints at future collaboration

During an interview for his latest film Jawan, director Atlee addressed speculations about Vijay’s cameo appearance in the movie. Atlee clarified, ‘Vijay sir does not play a cameo in the film. If that was the case, I would have announced it myself.’ However, he surprised the audience by admitting, ‘I have actually played a cameo in Jawan.’ This revelation caught everyone off guard, as it was previously unknown that Atlee had a role in the film.

Despite denying Vijay’s cameo, Atlee expressed interest in working with the actor in the future. He said, ‘I would maybe plan for a movie that will have both these actors in lead roles.’ Fans of Vijay and Atlee have been eagerly anticipating a collaboration between the two, who have previously worked together on blockbuster films like Mersal and Bigil.

As the news of Atlee’s cameo and his hint at a future collaboration spread, fans are buzzing with excitement. The film industry is abuzz with speculation about what their next project might be and how it would fare in the box office.

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