Why “Superstar” Is Not a Title in Tamil Cinema

The title “Superstar” is often used to refer to popular actors in the Hindi film industry. However, in Tamil cinema, this title is rarely used. There are a few reasons for this.

  • The term “Superstar” was first used to refer to Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth was given the title “Superstar” after the release of his 1978 film, Bairavi. The title quickly caught on, and Rajinikanth has been known as “Superstar” ever since. However, many fans believe that the title should only be used to refer to Rajinikanth, and that no other actor should be given the title.
  • Tamil cinema has a long history of using other titles for its actors. In addition to “Superstar,” Tamil actors are also known by titles such as “Thalaiva,” “Thalapathy,” “Chiyaan,” and “Ulaganayagan.” These titles are often given to actors by their fans, and they reflect the actor’s unique personality and style.
  • The use of titles in Tamil cinema is a way of respecting the actors. Tamil fans have a deep respect for their favorite actors, and they often use titles as a way of showing their appreciation. The use of titles is also a way of distinguishing between different actors. In a film industry with so many talented actors, it is important to be able to identify each actor by their unique title.

For these reasons, the title “Superstar” is rarely used in Tamil cinema. However, there are a few exceptions. For example, Kamal Haasan was once given the title “India’s No. 1 Superstar” during the release of his Hindi film, Ek Duuje Ke Liye. However, even in this case, the title was not used in the same way that it is used in Hindi cinema. In Tamil cinema, the title “Superstar” is still reserved for one person: Rajinikanth.

The title “Superstar” is a powerful one, and it is not used lightly in Tamil cinema. The title is a way of respecting the actors and distinguishing them from each other. While the title is rarely used, it is still a highly revered one, and it is only given to the most talented and popular actors.

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