Toby Movie Review: Unveiling the Layers of an Ordinary Man

Toby is a Kannada movie that tells the story of an innocent man named Toby, who is often used as a murderer-for-hire by the village chief, Ananda. However, when Ananda interferes with Toby’s prized possession, Jenny, the beast within Toby awakens. The film explores Toby’s journey and the complexities of his character.

Plot Summary:
The story revolves around Toby, an abandoned child who has only known the struggle for survival. He loses his voice during a traumatic incident in his childhood. Father Iglesias, a local church priest, embraces Toby and shows him affection, which is a new experience for him. Toby creates a small world for himself with people who understand him, including Damodara, a mortuary worker, Jenny, a baby he found and took in, and Savitri, a sex worker. However, Toby’s peaceful world is disrupted when Ananda interferes with it. The film delves into Toby’s journey and the layers of his character.

Raj B Shetty delivers a powerful and authentic performance as Toby. Despite having no dialogues, his acting ensures that nothing is lost in translation. Writer Raj B Shetty adds depth to the character, blurring the line between acting and reality. Chaitra J Achar impresses with her exceptional portrayal of Jenny, a tough woman who has endured hardships while taking care of Toby. The performances of the cast truly bring the characters to life.

Music & Visual:
The cinematography by Praveen Shriyan adds layers to the film, capturing the beauty of nature and the brutality of Toby’s character. Composer Midhun Mukundan’s music enhances the movie, with the songs merging seamlessly into the narrative. The film’s songs, although not released separately, create a magical experience when seen on the big screen.

Toby is a movie that thrives on performances and technicality. While the scenes are artistically captivating, they lack depth. The film does not fit into a specific genre but offers a little bit of everything. However, the slow-paced narration and predictable premise are setbacks for the movie. The climax, although built up well, falls flat and lacks a cathartic impact. Overall, “Toby” provides a good experience but leaves the audience craving for more.

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