The Vijay, Rajini, Superstar: A Tale of Legends and Admirers

Rajinikanth, the charismatic superstar of Tamil cinema, has stunned audiences with his unparalleled screen presence and remarkable journey in the film industry. With an illustrious career spanning over four decades, he has garnered an iconic status that few can match. However, in recent times, the question has emerged: Is Vijay’s popularity now comparable to that of the beloved Rajinikanth? Does Vijay surpass Rajinikanth’s stardom? This article delves into the intriguing world of these two superstars, examining their mutual respect and the rivalry between their respective fanbases.

The Undeniable Influence of Rajinikanth on Vijay

Vijay‘s admiration for Rajinikanth is deeply rooted in his childhood, where he found inspiration in the legend’s films, acting as a catalyst for his own journey as an actor. This admiration is evident in the way Vijay incorporates elements from Rajinikanth’s movies into his own performances. Let’s explore a few anecdotes that shed light on this admiration:

A Childhood Dream Realized

Vijay’s unwavering admiration for Rajinikanth was evident since the early days of his career. He even persuaded his father, SA Chandrasekar, to launch his acting journey by re-enacting Rajinikanth’s iconic interval scene from “Annaamalai.”

A Proud Moment for Vijay

During one of the Vikatan Awards functions, Vijay had the honor of presenting the Best Actor award to Rajinikanth. In a heartfelt speech, Vijay expressed his gratitude for Rajinikanth’s versatility as an actor, acknowledging this event as one of the proudest moments in his life.

Vijay’s Encouragement to a Director

Nelson, the director of an upcoming film, revealed that it was Vijay who encouraged him to narrate his script to Rajinikanth. Despite his hesitation, Vijay’s positive encouragement helped Nelson overcome his reservations and pursue the opportunity to work with the legendary Superstar.

Vijay’s Inquiries About Rajinikanth

Art director Kiran shared an incident where Vijay inquired about Rajinikanth’s energy on set during the shooting of a Telugu film. This further highlights Vijay’s genuine interest and respect for Rajinikanth.

The Rivalry Between Fans: Media’s Role and Fan Passion

Over the years, a rivalry between the fans of Vijay and Rajinikanth has emerged. However, it is crucial to remember that this rivalry is solely fueled by the media and paid trackers on social media platforms. Both Vijay and Rajinikanth have voiced their respect for one another, and the rivalry is a manifestation of fan competition rather than personal animosity between the two actors.

The media’s success in creating this rivalry can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Sensationalism Sells: The media capitalizes on sensational headlines, pitting Vijay against Rajinikanth in a hypothetical battle, enticing readers to engage with their content.
  2. Passionate Fanbases: Both Vijay and Rajinikanth have devoted fanbases who are entirely invested in defending their idols. This fervor makes it easy for the media to provoke conflicts and stir up unnecessary controversies.
  3. Lack of Accountability: The media bears no responsibility for the consequences of their actions. If fan rivalries escalate, they can conveniently claim that they were merely reporting the news.

It is crucial to recognize that this rivalry is an unfortunate consequence of the media’s greed and irresponsibility. Fans should focus on celebrating the contributions of both Vijay and Rajinikanth to Tamil cinema, rather than engaging in unnecessary conflict.

Is Vijay the next Superstar? Rajinikanth answered it 20 years ago

Rajinikanth has humbly declared that he does not desire to cling to his superstar status forever. This statement was made about two decades ago during the success event of Saamy (2003), a film that marked a significant box-office victory with Vikram in the lead role.

Among the attendees were Vijay, Vikram, and Suriya – the leading stars deemed as the potential successors of Rajinikanth in Tamil cinema. Unhesitatingly, Rajinikanth imparted some wisdom for these budding stars to ascend even higher in the film industry.

Discussing the concept of ‘Superstar’, Rajinikanth compared the title to other significant statuses such as a Commissioner, IG, DIG, CM, or PM – all of which transition from one person to another over time. He underlined that a ‘Superstar’ is someone whose films continually produce high profits, have a substantial fan base, and do not lead to investor losses.

However, he warned that striving to maintain fame is akin to attempting to protect a sandcastle from wind or rain, implying the fleeting nature of fame. From his perspective, a professional journey is divided into two halves – the first is dedicated to hard work, earning money, fame and reputation, while the second half is spent safeguarding these acquisitions.

Using his personal journey as a reference, Rajinikanth confessed to being his own ally and competitor, with his ambition to eclipse his own work rather than compete with others. He encouraged the budding stars to keep this principle in mind and to strive to surpass their previous successes, thus leading them to reach new heights.

Wisdom from the Superstar: Rajinikanth’s Perspective

Rajinikanth himself has addressed the ongoing debate surrounding Vijay’s popularity. During the audio launch of the Jailer film, he used a metaphor to convey his philosophy. Rajinikanth explained how an eagle, representing a higher entity, remains unperturbed by the actions of a crow, symbolizing a lesser entity. He urged everyone to stay focused on their own endeavors and avoid unnecessary conflicts and gossip.

Rajinikanth’s speech showcased his wisdom and resonated with the audience, emphasizing the need to appreciate the metaphorical meaning of verses rather than assuming specific references to individuals. This speech solidified Rajinikanth’s stance of respect and admiration for Vijay, putting an end to any speculation of animosity between the two superstars.

We need more superstars

The Vijay, Rajini, Superstar debate has captivated the Tamil cinema industry and its enthusiastic fans. While Vijay’s rising popularity may spark comparisons, it is essential to acknowledge the profound influence Rajinikanth has had on the industry and the unwavering admiration Vijay has for the legendary Superstar. The rivalry between fans is a byproduct of media sensationalism and passionate fanbases, but it should never overshadow the immense talent and contributions of both actors. Ultimately, the Tamil film industry is fortunate to have witnessed the reign of these two extraordinary performers who continue to entertain us with their unique styles and captivating performances.

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