Rajinikanth’s “Eagle & Crow” Story: A Message to His Rivals?

Superstar Rajinikanth’s speech at the audio launch of his upcoming film, Jailer, has been making waves online. In his speech, Rajini related the now-famous “Eagle & Crow” story, which tells the tale of an eagle who remains calm and focused while a crow keeps crowing and making noises to try to irritate it. The eagle ignores the crow and flies even higher, while the crow is unable to reach its heights.

Some netizens have interpreted Rajini’s story as an indirect attack on his rivals who are vying for the Superstar tag. However, Rajini has warned fans not to misinterpret his story. He said that the story is simply a moral tale about the importance of staying calm and focused in the face of adversity.

Whether or not Rajini’s story was intended as a message to his rivals, it is clear that he is still the master of delivering memorable speeches. His words have once again sparked a lot of discussion and debate, and it will be interesting to see how his rivals react to his story.

In the meantime, fans of Rajinikanth can look forward to seeing him in Jailer, which is scheduled to be released on August 10, 2023. The film is directed by Nelson Dilipkumar and also stars Shivarajkumar, Meena, and Prakash Raj.

What do you think of Rajinikanth’s “Eagle & Crow” story? Do you think it was intended as a message to his rivals?

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