Rajini Rajiyam at the Box Office: Top 3 Worldwide Day 1 Grossers All Belong to Rajini

Lights, camera, action! The Kollywood film industry has witnessed an unprecedented surge in groundbreaking movies that have shattered box office records and captivated audiences worldwide. Among these cinematic gems, Jailer stands tall, securing a powerful position with its phenomenal day one worldwide opening. Let us delve into the top 5 day one worldwide opening days, featuring the magnificent Jailer and its formidable competitors.

#1 2Point0 – ₹94 crore

The undisputed emperor of the box office, 2Point0, reigns supreme at the top spot. This sci-fi extravaganza, featuring the remarkable duo of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar, amassed a staggering ₹94 crore on its day one worldwide opening. The film’s cutting-edge visual effects and gripping storyline enthralled audiences, establishing 2Point0 as a true masterpiece.

#2 Kabali – ₹91 crore

With his magnetic charisma and unmatched acting prowess, superstar Rajinikanth strikes again with Kabali, the second-highest earner on our list. This action-packed gangster drama blazed its way to ₹91 crore on its day one worldwide opening. Rajinikanth’s cult following, coupled with the film’s thrilling narrative, attracted fans from every corner, transforming Kabali into a global sensation.

#3 Jailer – ₹87 crore

Enter Jailer, a remarkable film that has stormed the global box office, securing the third position on our list. This gripping crime thriller, featuring a stellar ensemble cast and a riveting storyline, garnered an impressive ₹87 crore (approximately) on its day one worldwide opening. With its pulsating action sequences and heart-stopping twists, Jailer won the hearts of millions and solidified its place among the greatest cinematic triumphs.

#4 Beast – ₹84 crore

The fourth contender on our list is Beast, a mesmerizing tale that sent shockwaves across the silver screen. This intense Vijay starred mass commercial entertainer amassed a commendable ₹84 crore on its day one worldwide opening. With its mind-bending plot and exceptional performances, Beast left audiences on the edge of their seats, celebrating the sheer brilliance of Kollywood’s storytelling prowess.

#5 PonniyinSelvan1 – ₹79 crore

Last but not least, PonniyinSelvan1 dazzles its way onto our list, occupying the fifth position. This magnum opus historical drama swept audiences off their feet, collecting a remarkable ₹79 crore on its day one worldwide opening. With its grandeur and opulence, PonniyinSelvan1 stands as a testimony to Kollywood’s ability to transport viewers to a bygone era, letting them witness the marvels of history.

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