Nelson Dilipkumar Opens Up About Possibility of Working with Kamal Haasan

Nelson Dilipkumar, the director of the recently released blockbuster film Jailer, has spoken about the possibility of working with Kamal Haasan. In a recent interview, Nelson said that he had met with Kamal Haasan after the release of his previous film, Beast, and that they had discussed the possibility of collaborating on a project.

“I have met Kamal Haasan sir after Beast release,” Nelson said. “We have spoken about doing a film together. Once the right content comes, we will do it.”

Nelson also revealed that Kamal Haasan had called him after the release of Jailer to congratulate him on the film’s success. “Kamal sir called me and said, ‘Hearing great things about the movie. Very happy for you and all the best,'” Nelson said.

Nelson and Kamal Haasan have known each other for a long time. Nelson worked in television before making his debut as a film director, and he said that he had met Kamal Haasan while he was working in the industry.

“I have known Kamal Haasan sir for a long time,” Nelson said. “I met him when I was working in television. He is a great actor and a great human being.”

The possibility of Nelson working with Kamal Haasan is exciting for fans of both filmmakers. Nelson is one of the most promising young directors in the Tamil film industry, and Kamal Haasan is one of the most respected actors in India. A collaboration between the two would be a dream come true for many fans.

It remains to be seen when or if Nelson and Kamal Haasan will work together on a film. However, the fact that they have met and discussed the possibility is a positive sign. Fans can only hope that the two will be able to come together to create a truly special film.

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