Mohanlal’s Pan-India Film ‘Vrushabha’ Completes First Schedule of Shooting

The team of ‘Vrushabha : The Warriors Arise‘ is celebrating as they wrap up the first shooting schedule of their upcoming pan-India film. Directed by Nanda Kishore, the film promises to be an epic action-entertainer that transcends generations. Mohanlal, one of the most respected actors in the industry, plays the central character in the film.

During the first schedule, a major action sequence and several dramatic scenes were filmed, giving audiences a glimpse of the high-octane action and intense storytelling that ‘Vrushabha’ promises to deliver. The team is thrilled with the progress and excited to move forward with the next phases of production.

In addition to Mohanlal, ‘Vrushabha’ boasts a talented ensemble cast including Roshann Meka, Shanaya Kapoor, Zahrah S Khan, Ragini Dwivedi, and Srikanth Meka. Each actor brings their own unique talent to the project, which further raises the anticipation for the film.

What makes ‘Vrushabha’ even more special is the involvement of renowned professionals in the industry. After roping in Nick Thurlow as the Executive Producer, the team has now signed Peter Hein to design state-of-the-art action sequences for the film. Hein is known for his work in blockbuster action films, and his involvement raises the bar for the action sequences in ‘Vrushabha’.

‘Vrushabha’ is not just limited to one language. It is a Telugu-Malayalam bilingual film that will be released simultaneously in Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi in 2024. This decision ensures that the film reaches a wider audience and maximizes its potential at the box office.

The film is being produced by a collaboration of production houses including AVS Studios, First Step Movies, Balaji Telefilms, and Connekkt Media. The producers aim to bring together the best resources to create a film that will captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact.

With the conclusion of the first shooting schedule, the team of ‘Vrushabha’ is filled with enthusiasm and looks forward to the upcoming production phases. Fans can expect an action-packed and entertaining film that showcases the stellar performances of the cast and the visual brilliance of the production.

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