Massive Cheers and Whistles for ‘LEO’ and ‘Vijay’ at Chennai Jawan Event: SRK Awed

The city of Chennai witnessed a spectacle at the Jawan event, where the crowd erupted in cheers and whistles every time ‘LEO‘ and Vijay were mentioned. The event showcased the upcoming film, which has become the most anticipated release of the year.

Speaking at the event, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who stars in the film, shared his experience of working with Vijay. He expressed his admiration for the actor’s dancing skills and revealed that he had requested choreographer Shobi Master to avoid giving him difficult steps, acknowledging that he can’t match up to Thalapathy Vijay’s level of dance.

Director Atlee, who helmed the project, spoke about the motivation he received from Vijay to undertake this ambitious film. He mentioned that his ‘Annan’ Vijay had inspired him to do Jawan with Shah Rukh Khan. Despite initial plans to complete the film in seven months, the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays. However, Atlee expressed his unwavering commitment to delivering the film to the audience after years of wait and struggle. When questioned about how he deals with negativity, director Atlee shared a short story and said that he follows the advice of his idol, Thalapathy Vijay, who once said, “Ignore negativity just like that.” This mantra has helped Atlee stay focused and determined in his filmmaking journey.

Actress Sanya Malhotra also expressed her admiration for Thalapathy Vijay and her desire to work with him. She cited him as her favorite actor and expressed her excitement about being a part of Jawan. Vijay Sethupathi, another leading actor in the film, praised Vijay’s previous work and the impact it had on him. He specifically mentioned the film ‘Theri’ and how Vijay’s shot compositions pushed him to work harder and achieve amazing results on-screen.

The atmosphere at the event reached a fever pitch when Lyricist Vivek and actress Priyamani mentioned ‘LEO’ and the crowd couldn’t contain their excitement. The response from the audience left Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan amazed and thrilled.

With just 50 days remaining until its release, ‘LEO’ is set to become a cinematic event that fans and movie enthusiasts eagerly await. The film promises to deliver a thrilling and entertaining experience to the audience

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