Jailer Breaks Kabali’s Record and Claims Top Spot as All-Time Highest Grossing Tamil Film in Malaysia

In a surprising turn of events, “Jailer” has emerged victorious in the battle for the highest-grossing Tamil film in Malaysia. Comscore, the renowned box office tracking agency, has revised its figures, officially declaring “Jailer” as the new record holder.

With a staggering collection of RM 12.7M within just 12 days, “Jailer” has not only surpassed the previous record set by “Kabali” but also secured its place in the history of Indian cinema in Malaysia. The film has gained immense popularity among Tamil movie enthusiasts, who have been flocking to theatres to witness the cinematic brilliance of “Jailer.”

The previous record holder, “Kabali,” had managed to amass RM 12.682M during its run in Malaysian theatres, falling just short of its successor. However, it still retains a significant position in the list of top Tamil grossers in Malaysia, occupying the third spot.

Other notable entries in the list include “Dilwale” at number one with a box office collection of RM 15.679M and “Bigil” at number four with RM 12.679M. The highly-anticipated film “Ponniyin Selvan1” rounds up the top five with a collection of RM 12.580M.

This achievement has added another feather in the cap of the “Jailer” team, who have worked tirelessly to bring this masterpiece to the silver screen. The film, directed by a prominent director and featuring a stellar cast, has garnered critical acclaim as well as commercial success.

With its groundbreaking success in Malaysia, “Jailer” continues to make waves in the global film industry. The movie showcases the true potential of Tamil cinema and its ability to captivate audiences worldwide.

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