Jailer Audio Launch: Full Speech of Superstar Rajinikanth

Renowned actor and superstar Rajinikanth, during the audio launch of his upcoming film “Jailer,” opened up about the reasons for the long gap since his last film “#Annaathe.” He revealed to the eager audience that he had been in search of a worthy director and a compelling subject, which had taken some time.

He further articulated that his illustrious career has been shaped by remarkable directors like Muthuraman, Mahendran, Suresh Krishnan, Vasu, KS Ravikumar, Shankar, Pa Ranjith, Karthik Subbaraj and the newest addition to this list, Nelson. Following “#Annaathe,” he had encountered numerous storylines that echoed his previous works “#Baasha,” “#Annamalai,” and others of mammoth scale. However, he found that some promising one-liners would evolve into entirely different plots when developed, resulting in his rejection of many. Fatigued by this process, he eventually stopped listening to these pitches.

The superstar expressed his admiration for director Nelson’s works “#Coco” and “#Doctor“, both of which he regarded as exceptional films. During their initial meeting for the narration of “Jailer,” there were humorous moments where the director, notorious for his late starts, fans could appreciate when arriving past the agreed time. After a coffee-fueled story narration, Rajinikanth was immediately sold on the script. The storyline was further developed after Nelson finished shooting for “#Beast.”

However, the initial reception of “#Beast” proved to be a hurdle; negative reviews led to calls from distributors suggesting that they find a new director. Insiders from Sun TV robustly came to Nelson’s defense, pointing out that while reviews might have been unfavorable, the film was far from a flop and hadn’t resulted in any losses for the distributors.

Rajinikanth’s thoughts on the title of “Superstar” were surprising. He was always uneasy with it and even requested the removal of the title from the song ‘Hukum’ in the upcoming film. The actor confessed that apart from God, he’s only afraid of good people, whose curse, he believes, can be the most damaging.

Sharing a light-hearted anecdote, Rajinkanth recalled a dialogue, “Koraikadha Naayum illa, Kora solladha Vaayum illa,” advising his fans to focus on their work.

The event also witnessed some heartfelt moments. Rajinikanth shared his admiration for Mohanlal, calling him a fantastic actor. Ramya Krishnan’s sudden interjection and charming compliment on Rajinikanth’s timeless style and elegance were also cheered upon by the crowd.

In a moment of candid self-reflection, the superstar spoke passionately against the regular consumption of alcohol, terming it as the biggest mistake he made in life. He advised his fans to enjoy alcohol responsibly, stressing that only regulated consumption can prevent its ill effects on one’s health and the people around them.

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