Jai Bhim, Sarpatta Parambara, and Karnan Snubbed at 69th National Film Awards 2023: Fans Express Disappointment

The 69th National Film Awards, held at the National Media Center in New Delhi, honoured the best Indian films of 2021. While films like Rocketry, Godavari, and RRR emerged as winners, Jai Bhim, Sarpatta Parambara, and Karnan were unfortunately snubbed by the prestigious awards.

Jai Bhim, directed by TJ Gnanavel, captivated audiences with its compelling portrayal of social inequality and discrimination. Starring actors Suriya and Prakash Raj, the film received widespread critical acclaim. Despite its strong impact, Jai Bhim failed to secure recognition at the National Film Awards.

Sarpatta Parambara, helmed by Pa. Ranjith, showcased the world of boxing in Chennai during the 1970s. With stellar performances by actor Arya and a gripping narrative, the film garnered immense praise from both critics and fans alike. However, it did not receive the desired recognition at the awards.

Karnan, directed by Mari Selvaraj and featuring Dhanush in the lead role, explored themes of caste discrimination and social oppression. The film left a lasting impact on audiences, with its poignant storytelling and powerful performances. Despite its tremendous success, Karnan was overlooked at the 69th National Film Awards.

Fans of these films took to social media to express their disappointment and disbelief at the snub. Many emphasized the artistic brilliance and social relevance of these movies, arguing that they were more than deserving of recognition at the National Film Awards.

The absence of Tamil actors and directors from the winners’ list also added to the disappointment. Fans expected actors like Dhanush, Arya and Director Ranjith, Mari Selvaraj to be recognized for their exceptional performances and contributions to Tamil cinema.

While the 69th National Film Awards showcased the diversity and talent of Indian cinema, many Tamil cinema fans believe that the awards failed to acknowledge the artistic brilliance and storytelling capabilities of Tamil films. They hope that future editions of the awards will give Tamil cinema the recognition it deserves.

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