Disappointing news for Thalapathy Vijay’s Leo Hindi version fans #Leo Trailer Update

Leo, the upcoming gangster action thriller starring Vijay in the lead role, is generating immense buzz among fans and moviegoers. Set to hit theaters on October 19, 2023, the film promises to be an intense and gripping experience. However, fans of Vijay in North India may be disappointed as the Hindi version of the film will not be screened in National Multiplex chains. This decision is a result of a contract between the film’s makers and Netflix, which ensures the film will be available for streaming on OTT within just 4 weeks of its theatrical release.

It is common for Hindi films to have a minimum gap of 8 weeks between their theatrical release and OTT premiere in order to fully capitalize on the box office potential. However, Leo’s Netflix deal has altered this traditional distribution strategy. Similar to Rajinikanth’s recent release ‘Jailer’, Leo’s Hindi version will miss out on the prime Dussehra season, which is known for drawing large theater crowds.

The decision not to showcase Leo Hindi in popular multiplex chains like PVR, Cinepolis, and INOX has raised concerns among fans and industry insiders. The absence of a wide theatrical release could impact the film’s box office performance in North India, where Vijay has a significant following. Leo is not the first film to face such a situation.

Rajinikanth’s ‘Jailer’ also suffered due to its streaming deal with Amazon Prime Video, resulting in a missed opportunity to tap into the Hindi-speaking regions of India. The clash between theatrical releases and OTT streaming deals continues to be a topic of debate in the Indian film industry. While OTT platforms offer filmmakers lucrative deals and immediate access to a large audience, the traditional theater experience still holds its charm for many movie enthusiasts.

As the release of Leo approaches, fans eagerly await its arrival in theaters. The film is expected to make a significant impact with its gripping storyline and Vijay’s stellar performance. Despite the absence of a wide release in National Multiplex chains, Leo is likely to attract a dedicated fan base and create a buzz in the industry

LEO – Hindi Official Trailer

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