Director Sudha Kongara Recalls the Journey of Irudhi Suttru / Saala Khadoos: From Debut Debacle to Success

Director Sudha Kongara recently reminisced about the making of the bilingual movie Irudhi Suttru (Tamil) / Saala Khadoos (Hindi), and shared her memories of how actor Madhavan and producer Sashi were instrumental in making the film a success.

Kongara, who had faced a setback with her debut film Drohi, revealed that she had considered quitting the film industry. However, it was Madhavan who encouraged her to continue and pursue her passion. Kongara recalled the day she went to Madhavan’s place and narrated the initial concept of what would later become Irudhi Suttru / Saala Khadoos. Madhavan immediately recognized its potential and urged her to drop everything else and focus on making the film.

Over the course of seven months, Kongara meticulously wrote the script for Irudhi Suttru / Saala Khadoos, despite facing numerous challenges, such as the lack of a producer and an actress willing to take on the project. Throughout this time, Madhavan remained a pillar of support for Kongara. He even turned down offers from other directors, insisting that if Kongara didn’t direct the film, he wouldn’t do it with anyone else.

Kongara also mentioned the various opinions and criticisms they received during the making of the film. Critics questioned the negative title, the immoral first scene, and the excessive use of profanity. However, Madhavan remained unwavering in his belief in the movie and encouraged Kongara to stay true to her vision.

The movie, which tells the story of a passionate boxer named Madhi, played by Ritika Singh, received critical acclaim and garnered a strong following. Kongara expressed her gratitude towards Madhavan and producer Sashi for their unwavering support, and thanked them for believing in her despite her past setback.

As she observes the audience’s enthusiastic response to the film, Kongara acknowledges that without Madhavan and Sashi’s support, she may never have been able to bring her vision to life. She credits Madhavan for teaching her to pursue her dreams fearlessly and Sashi for having faith in her talent despite her previous failure.

Director Sudha Kongara’s journey from a “flop director” to the success of Irudhi Suttru / Saala Khadoos is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of having a strong support system. The film serves as a reminder that everyone deserves a second chance and that failure does not define one’s future

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