Director Atlee Responds to Plagiarism Accusations and Talks About Future Projects

Director Atlee, known for his mass commercial entertainers, has recently addressed the accusations of plagiarism that have been made against him. In a recent interview, he stated that he often receives criticism for bringing back stories that people claim to have already seen. However, he defended his choice to focus on commercial cinema, star-driven films, and massy screenplays, stating that his motive is to entertain the audience and make them feel for his characters. He believes that he has succeeded in doing so thus far and hopes to continue with his upcoming film, ‘#Jawan‘.

Atlee also addressed the plagiarism accusations that have been raised against some of his popular films. He revealed that one producer had claimed that his film ‘Mersal‘ was copied from the film ‘Moondru Mugam’. However, after hearings in court, the producer ended up paying a fine for making false accusations. Atlee further mentioned that an aspiring filmmaker had also claimed that ‘Bigil‘ was his script, but the Director Union confirmed that it was indeed Atlee’s original script. Despite facing multiple court cases, Atlee expressed his confidence in his work and stated that he has won all the cases against him.

He shared that one of his biggest strengths as a filmmaker is his ability to create impactful flashback episodes, and the audience can expect a solid one in ‘#Jawan’. When asked about his plans after the release of ‘#Jawan’, Atlee disclosed that he would be taking a break to spend time with his son, Meer, who will have his call-sheet for the next four months.

He expressed his desire to work with everyone in the industry and even mentioned his interest in testing the waters of Hollywood in the near future. He also confirmed that he would work with Ajith when the opportunity arises. With his upcoming film and future projects, Director Atlee continues to make a mark in the industry with his entertainment-packed films and his determination to explore different genres and collaborations

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