Chiranjeevi Rejects ‘The Family Man’ Story: Producer Reveals in Interview

In a recent interview, Aswini Dutt, the renowned telugu film producer, shared an interesting anecdote about Chiranjeevi and the popular web series ‘The Family Man.’ According to Dutt, the talented duo of Raj & DK had initially pitched the story of ‘The Family Man’ to Chiranjeevi for a potential collaboration. Aswini Dutt and his production house, however, were also keen on working with the Megastar on the same story. Unfortunately, Chiranjeevi rejected the offer as he had other ideas post the phenomenal success of Khaidi No. 150.

Despite the disappointment of not being able to work with Chiranjeevi at that time, Aswini Dutt expressed hope for a future collaboration. He stated, ‘They’re huge fans of Megastar and it would be fantastic to have the opportunity to make a movie with Chiranjeevi someday.’

This revelation by Aswini Dutt sheds light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the Telugu film industry and the aspirations of filmmakers to work with iconic actors like Chiranjeevi.

Fans of ‘The Family Man’ and Chiranjeevi will certainly be curious about the possibility of this potential collaboration in the future.

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