Bigg Boss Season 7 to introduce Two Houses ?Double the Drama!

Bigg Boss, the highly anticipated reality show, is all set for its seventh season, and fans cannot contain their excitement. The show, which has been a tremendous success over the years, has revealed the promo shoot for the upcoming season, creating a buzz among fans.

Just a few days ago, the teaser of the promo was released, giving fans a glimpse of the auditions for the contestants. Social media platforms have been abuzz with speculations about the celebrities who will be part of the show, adding to the anticipation.

According to the latest reports, the new season of Bigg Boss is scheduled to premiere on October 8th, Sunday. As fans gear up for the show’s kick-off in the first week of October, they can also expect to see the contestants celebrating festivals like Deepavali, New Year, and Pongal inside the Bigg Boss house, just as they did last year.

One of the exciting updates about the new season’s house is that it will be equipped with modern facilities, including air conditioning, comfortable sofa sets, and mattresses. However, unlike previous seasons, there will be a separate house with limited or no facilities is also planned to be available. In a twist to the format, every week, two participants will be sent to a temporary separate house from the main house. The organizers are challenging them to face the difficulties and adapt to the conditions of the new house. This change adds an extra layer of intrigue and indicates that the contestants will have to overcome tough challenges if they want to earn their place in the main house again.

With the high drama, unexpected twists, and celebrity gossip that the show promises, fans are definitely in for a treat.

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