Ajith Sir Was the First to Wish for #Vijay68, Says Venkat Prabhu

Tamil cinema’s two most popular superstars, Ajith Kumar and Vijay, are known for their friendly rivalry. But even in the midst of competition, there is no denying the mutual respect that the two actors have for each other.

This was evident recently when director Venkat Prabhu revealed that Ajith was the first person to wish him for his upcoming film, #Vijay68. When asked during an informal chat, Venkat Prabhu told the gathering that “Ajith sir was the first to wish for #Vijay68.”

This is not the first time that Ajith has shown his support for Vijay. One of the most memorable examples of Ajith’s friendship with Vijay was when he visited the sets of the film Velayudham in 2011. Both films, Mankatha and Velayudham, were being shot at the Binny Mills studio in Chennai at the same time. Ajith, out of unconditional excitement, decided to go and meet the entire team of Velayudham. He even posed for a photo with Vijay and the rest of the cast and crew.

The mutual respect between Ajith and Vijay is a testament to the good sportsmanship that exists in Tamil cinema. It is refreshing to see two of the biggest stars in the industry supporting each other, even when they are not working together.

In addition to the mutual respect that Ajith and Vijay have for each other, their fans also share a special bond. They are known to be some of the most passionate and loyal fans in the world.

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