90s Nostalgia meets Crime Caper: Guns and Gulaabbs Hindi Webseries Review

Guns & Gulaabs,” a Hindi web series that pays homage to the 90s era, is a crime caper that delivers an action-packed and entertaining plot. Set in the imaginary town of Gulaabgunj, the series revolves around two rival gangs, an upright narcotics officer, and a mechanic who get entangled in their chaotic dealings. The plot centers around an opium factory and the illicit activities of the rival factions. The series is filled with quirky characters and moves at a rapid pace, solidifying the reputation of the directors, Raj & DK, as distinctive storytellers.

Rajkummar Rao, known for his versatility, delivers a standout performance in the series. His portrayal of a complex character adds depth and authenticity to the show. Rao’s ability to bring out the nuances of his character is commendable and adds to the overall impact of the series.

Adarsh Gourav, another talented actor, also shines in his role. His performance is praised for its intensity and emotional depth. Gourav’s portrayal of a morally ambiguous character adds layers to the storyline and keeps viewers engaged.

Dulqar Salmaan, Known for his versatility and charisma, brings his A-game to the series. His portrayal of a key character is engaging and impactful, adding depth and intrigue to the storyline. Salmaan’s on-screen presence and ability to effortlessly switch between emotions have been highlighted as some of his strongest assets. He effectively captures the essence of his character, making it easy for viewers to connect and empathize with him.

However, the female characters in the series lack depth and development. Their performances are overshadowed by the male leads and do not receive the same level of attention and complexity. This is seen as a missed opportunity to explore the potential of these characters and their impact on the overall narrative.

Also, the series lacks consistency and coherence. The integration of nostalgic elements feels forced, and the plot, while revolving around quirky criminals and the burden of their fathers’ legacies, is overshadowed by random side plots and boring scenes. The series tests the patience of fans with its randomness and directionless feel, but overall, it is charming and unhurried.

While “Guns & Gulaabs” falls short of being a masterpiece, it delivers high-quality entertainment. The series could have been better executed, but it still manages to entertain with its unique storytelling and character development. Despite its flaws, “Guns & Gulaabs” is a commendable attempt at creating a crime caper with a nostalgic twist. It is a series that will leave you entertained, intrigued, and longing for more.

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