9 AM show for LEO in the cards ?

In a significant development for the Tamil film industry, the Tamil Film Active Producers Association (TFAPA) held its Annual General Body Meeting today, wherein a number of crucial decisions were made to drive growth and address key concerns within the industry.

In a bid to support the film exhibition sector, the TFAPA also urged the Tamilnadu Government to permit five shows per day between 9am to 1:30am, enabling increased revenue generation for theaters. this request has been raised in a crucial time as the Vijay starrer Leo is all set to release on October 19th, a non-weekend day and there are huge pressure from the fans to increase the show count and release it 5am itself. Furthermore, the association requested the government to establish a centralized box-office collection tracking software system with integrated software to bring transparency to box office collections in the state’s 1,150 theaters.

One of the key discussions during the meeting revolved around the screening and censorship process for films. Currently, after a film is screened, the deleted footage goes to the Mumbai office for approval, and the censor certificate is only issued after approval is also given in Chennai. This process takes at least five working days. However, the TFAPA proposed a streamlined process wherein the committee in Chennai completes the necessary approvals and verifications for deleted scenes, allowing censor certificates to be issued within two days.

Recognizing the need for infrastructure development, the TFAPA also decided to push for the construction of a new Film City and additional sites at Taramani. This move is expected to provide additional filming locations and facilities for the industry.

Additionally, the TFAPA announced plans to build an auditorium with a seating capacity of 25,000. This facility will be used for music release parties, art shows, music concerts, and other events related to the cinema and entertainment industry.

To further ease the process of film shooting in Tamil Nadu, the association called for the implementation of a Single Window Clearance system and permission to shoot during daylight hours in Chennai city.

Furthermore, the TFAPA appealed to satellite and OTT companies to show interest in buying star-starrer films as soon as they are announced. This move is expected to benefit many small budget films, providing them with increased exposure and revenue generation opportunities. Even if companies are unable to purchase low budget films, the association suggested releasing them on a pay-per-view basis to support the producers and promote quality low budget films.

The decisions made during the Annual General Body Meeting signify a renewed focus on growth and development within the Tamil film industry. By addressing pressing concerns such as censorship processes, infrastructure development, and revenue generation, the TFAPA aims to create a more conducive environment for filmmakers and producers.

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